My Story

At nine years old LisaCrawford-Thomas experienced a horrible accident. Her cousin hopped on the back of her bike, and they rode carefree down the hill to her home, only to hit a pothole that would catapult Lisa off her bike & skidding face first down the hill. She suffered a concussion & after a trip to the hospital, came home with the first skin layer of her face completely gone and her left eye swollen shut. It took one year for her to fully recover, leaving her skin bumpy, uneven, & scarred. To top it all off, she already suffered from eczema and found herself constantly mixing different lotions & oils, to find some relief. Going through puberty, her skin only got worse. Fast forward to her 20s she married and became a mother of two daughters, who also inherited eczema. Living with skin problems her entire life & witnessing her daughters suffer with the same issue, she was determined to find a solution. 

After 5 yrs of testing, and the assistance of her husband (a pharmacist of 38 years) Cura Bello was patiently developed & perfected in 2014. All natural skincare products, free of parabens, dyes, perfumes, sulfates, mineral oil, & steroids. Cura Bello products are natural & ideal for those with sensitive skin. It is our hope & mission for those who don’t feel beautiful on the outside, to heal your skin from within and make your skin beautiful. And remember, as Lisa’s stepdad has always told her since her childhood accident, “You are beautiful on the inside. And what’s on the inside, will come out on the outside.” 

Cura Bello- Feel Beautiful, in Healthier Skin.


Customer reviews

Cura Bello is amazing. I have a double whammy when it comes to my skin, because it is extremely dry, and I live in a dry climate. Prior to trying Cura Bello I was using vaseline when my dryness was at its worst because there wasn't much that helped. In fact I get so dry during the summer months that layers of skin peel off my feet. Cura Bello moisturizes my skin like nothing else and it lasts. I have seen a drastic improvement in my feet over summer months.

Janelle P.

I recently got a half sleeve tattoo. After a 5hr. session my arm was sore as expected and I started using the Extra Body Moisturizer on my tat multiple times a day for my tat aftercare. Within the first week my tat heeled so much quicker than any of my other tattoos. The difference this time was Cura Bello, I love it!

Angie B.

I'm a first time customer using Cura Bello who has a 3yr old son that dealt with dry skin and eczema his whole life. The Extra Body Moisturizer healed my son's skin in less than 3 weeks. Love, love this company and the quality of the products!

Elaine D.