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A little goes a long way with our Hair & Beard Balm. Perfect for moisturizing hair, leaving it smooth to the touch.

Natural Oils
Aloe Vera
Shea Butter
Cocoa Butter

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Customer reviews

Cura Bello is amazing. I have a double whammy when it comes to my skin, because it is extremely dry, and I live in a dry climate. Prior to trying Cura Bello I was using vaseline when my dryness was at its worst because there wasn't much that helped. In fact I get so dry during the summer months that layers of skin peel off my feet. Cura Bello moisturizes my skin like nothing else and it lasts. I have seen a drastic improvement in my feet over summer months.

Janelle P.

I recently got a half sleeve tattoo. After a 5hr. session my arm was sore as expected and I started using the Extra Body Moisturizer on my tat multiple times a day for my tat aftercare. Within the first week my tat heeled so much quicker than any of my other tattoos. The difference this time was Cura Bello, I love it!

Angie B.

I'm a first time customer using Cura Bello who has a 3yr old son that dealt with dry skin and eczema his whole life. The Extra Body Moisturizer healed my son's skin in less than 3 weeks. Love, love this company and the quality of the products!

Elaine D.

Cura Bello Skincare