Cura Bello: A Journey of Learning and Growing

DIY Skin Care

My name is Lisa Crawford-Davis. I’m not big on being out front, taking selfies, or stepping up to the spotlight. I’ve been doing everything possible to avoid it!
However, as the owner of Cura Bello, if I want the world to know about the benefits my products can bring them, I realized that I couldn’t keep hiding myself anymore. I had to step up and enter the spotlight so that people around me can find the products I’ve created to bring them relief from painful, itchy skin.

My Love-Hate Relationship with My Skin

Just like I am forming a love-hate relationship with the spotlight, I have a love-hate relationship with my skin. When it’s good, it’s good, but when it’s not – lookout!
I’ve suffered with eczema my entire life and my skin is extremely dry, especially in the winter. I used to lie awake at night itching and uncomfortable, not knowing what else to do. I am convinced that itching can be used as a cruel and unusual punishment.

My Early Attempts to Find a Solution

I would mix lotion, petroleum jelly, and mineral oil together and apply it some relief. It was temporary and didn’t do the trick. I cried myself to sleep often. It’s hard to explain what dry itchy skin feels like to someone who has never had the displeasure of this experience.
It’s not always as simple as applying a lotion or a cream. We’re all different, and so is our skin. I spent a small fortune trying to find something that REALLY worked.

The Answer To a Prayer

Frustration, desperation, necessity and much prayer is how Cura Bello came to be.  I still have a breakout every orange moon, but they are few and far between. Also, I can stop breakouts before they start.

Learning to Listen to My Skin

My journey to creating Cura Bello didn’t just involve finding the right combination of ingredients to put on my skin. It involved learning to “listen” to and respect my skin and its needs.
As a result of my struggles, I have a better understanding of what triggers my breakouts.  I have to be aware of what I put on my skin, including certain fabrics. I better understand what works for my skin and what doesn’t.

The Importance of Learning and Growing

My journey to find relief for my itchy skin has taught me a lot about myself and my skin. I’ve come to appreciate both more. One thing that I’ve learned: No matter where your journey takes you – whether it’s the journey to find relief for your skin or to step up into a spotlight you never wanted to be in – it’s going to force you to learn and grow.

Whatever you do, don’t stop searching for what is right for you. Don’t stop searching for the right product to bring you relief for your skin or the right way to approach the spotlight that will empower you rather than make you feel uncomfortable. It’s worth the time and effort.

And sometimes what it takes is creating a way that’s all your own rather than relying on what other people have done before you, along with a whole lot of prayer and learning to “listen” to yourself, especially the parts of yourself that make you the most uncomfortable.

Stay Beautiful,